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It is completely normal to have doubts regarding Ajax and some sites which are well know are not completely Ajaxified as of now. This is because earlier, it was not possible to Ajaxify all pages. However, this does not hold good anymore. Ajax can be used as a native site. All pages can be Ajaxified and a great example of it is Google Plus which is completely Ajaxified. This is just like the Ajax cart and therefore, if a giant like Google Plus completely Ajaxifies itself, no one should entertain even the slightest doubts.

Ajax Cart - Making eCommerce Professional, fast and free. Free PHP Ajax shopping cart.

Ajax Cart is excellent for browsing framework. Every page is Ajaxified. Organic browsers and Google consider the site as native HTML. With the Ajax Cart, the back browser buttons work well. The address bar shows a different URL for every page. The links mentioned are absolute too. Ajax is a powerful and dynamic tool which is revolutionizing the world of ecommerce applications for all kinds of sites and stores.

Who we are
Ecommerce has been here for a long time now and with various technological advances, the ride has been made smoother. One of these technological advances was the establishment of the Ajax cart in 2016. This made the sites faster, quicker to load, customer experience to improve as well as e-shopping a breeze. We are the team of dedicated and experienced individuals who through a collaborative effort with the clients, brainstorming among ourselves and the grit as well as determination have been servicing clients for more than a decade already in the web designing and web development sphere. Our range of services are built around the open-source solution Ajax Cart for business. This Ajax Cart has a team of talented developers who marry the Ajax cart into their web development and web designing.

Why choose Ajax Cart?
Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. It therefore behooves us to make the best use of the technology at hand for the betterment of the client website, convenience of the customers, better website design and development and increased customer satisfaction.

Fast pages
Ajax Cart caters to the basic need of all users – speed. Everyone likes browsing the internet as fast as possible. However, not everyone has high speed internet connections. Therefore, something which seemed a farfetched dream is now made a reality by integrating the Ajax Cart. All modern browsers support Ajax. The journey of Ajax began from Feb 2005 and in just over a decade, this has already been integrated into applications all over the net. A fully Ajaxified framework leads to nothing short of customer delight.

The author of Ajax Cart and the one who has developed most of its core features is Oleg Khorev. He started the development from 2005 and from then on, there has been no looking back. To his kitty are over 200 successful projects. On our team we also have our main designer Mariano. Mariano is responsible for most of the web designing and that too is done at very cost effective rates. We do not believe in over pricing our customers just because we do quality work and our web development and designing is par excellence. Our goal is not to over price but to provide customer service, a good customer experience and long term partnering with our clients.

Quality of Work
we do allow our work to do the talking for us. Prospective clients and customers can check Our Up work profile. We pride ourselves with a 100% Job Success rate. Our feedbacks too are positive. If we do receive any areas of improvement from our clients or customers, we take it very seriously and use it as stepping stones to help us build a stronger organization and provide better quality of work and service in the future. You can check public feedbacks on Up work. Our profile is

Focus on Customer Value
Our focus is offering value to the customer. We do this through quality work, exceptional web designing and development and a true partnering with the customer to ensure that the project is what was envisioned by them and some more. We offer free quotes, our service includes writing specifications free and free Skype calls. We provide unlimited design reviews. Our partnering does not end when the project does. We offer 6 months bugs free support. Infact, we stay till you are completely satisfied by our work.

we believe that only by getting out of our comfort zone that we grow and develop. Therefore, we are always happy to learn new things and see the projects come to fruitation. If you have any custom work which is to be designed and developed and which can be included into the default Ajax Cart package, we are ready to take on the project and will offer you a huge discount on it as well.

Timely Delivery
Time is money. We believe in it and we strive to deliver our projects before the deadline. We provide an estimate for the time the project will take and we stand by our commitment.

It's easy
Due to our mastery over English, our projects need not be confined to geographical or national boundaries. We work with all netizens world-wide. We are ready to invest as much time talking with you as will benefit you and the project.

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