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How can AJAX be help for your Business?

08:44:17 11/25/2016

The global businesses are moving rapidly everywhere and to move at this fast pace, they are implementing the best tools and plugins on their website to get more exposure and lead conversion in comparison to theirs competing peers. One of the best tools applied on their website is AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which is slowly becoming an essential part of various websites and brands online.

It also applies to their web Application to provide better user experience and interactivity to their users. While there are many different reasons to implement AJAX on your website, which helps many businesses to get improved landing pages for conversion. Below, we mention some of the benefits of using AJAX:-

  • Call-backs: - Ajax is mostly used to create a call-backs, which means fetching data by making a quick round trip from the server without refreshing the entire page. It is going to increase operations occurrence by not performing the whole post back and sending form data only to the specified server. If your website server has restricted bandwidth, then AJAX can greatly help you to improve network performance. For many times, when someone is accessing your website page and minimal data being sent to and from the server, and then AJAX can be used to create call-backs to process and refresh essential data from the server. By this way, there is limited process happening on the server. Creating Call-backs with the help of AJAX is going to process all form elements and send only a viable data to the client or visitor.
  • Creating Asynchronous Calls: - Ajax helps you to send asynchronous calls to a web server. This helps the browser of the client to stay away from waiting for all data to reach.
  • Creating User-Friendly pages: - With the help of Ajax, a post back problem on a page is being eliminated. Ajax is going to enable those applications which are more responsive, faster and user-friendly for client’s browser.
  • Ajax Increased Website Loading Speed: - The main reason to add AJAX in any website is to increase the speed, usability, and performance. A fabulous example of AJAX application is a rating system in NETFLIX. The user gives a rating to a movie and their opinion will be saved in the database without any refreshing or posting the entire webpage back to the server.

AJAX is not for content but It is created for an Action:-

If you are going to use AJAX on your website, then the first thing you have to determine that the data of your website is changing every second. The main point of using AJAX is that it is going to make requests to the server about that data, which are changing regularly such as changing scores of a cricket match without reloading the page. So, a user does not have to do anything to get an updating of data without reloading the page. But, there are some conditions to meet for the applicability of AJAX on your website which are if your data never changes, then you should not use AJAX on your platform and if you data changes rarely, and then you should not apply AJAX probably to access it.

Optimization of E-commerce website with the help of AJAX:-

Ajax is an essential concept when we do not want any call from the server and when the website designed by the developer mainly depends on user input. To keep the track of these entire requirements (e.g. form submission on e-commerce sites), we can apply AJAX in Electronic commerce website. Form submission with the help of AJAX is completely different from normal submission of forms. Whenever a form is submitted with the help of AJAX, then the submit button is triggered dynamically and It does not require any page refreshing as well with that. Therefore, AJAX is really a powerful tool to develop e-commerce websites and applications and it is slowly gaining an exposure in an e-commerce world.

These are the main benefits of AJAX in real world’s solution of many technological issues and if you want the best developer in AJAX for your website and application, then you can visit AJAX CART ( who are having more than 11 years of an experience in the respective industry. The founder of AJAX CART is Oleg Khorev ( and you can visit his up work profile to get an idea of his company experience and his capability to produce the best stuff for your needs.

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