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AJAX is the future

10:31:28 11/28/2016

Ecommerce has literally stormed the world and as a result of this people are able to sell and buy products as well as services over the internet. They are able to transfer funds and do online transactions. Ecommerce helps with supply chain management, data exchange electronically, internet marketing, inventory management and much more. Infact the applications of ecommerce are not only diverse but are limitless.

Ajax is a short form for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The asynchronous is key as it means that the site can send the server a reverse query even if the user has not refreshed the page. Ajax is neither a tool nor a programming language. It is a concept. It is a script from the client side which allows for communication between the server and the database. This is even without the need of a refresh done for a page. This does not require a post back as well. This helps in faster web application processing.  This however, requires a mastery of JavaScript.

What are the benefits of Ajax?

There are 4 main benefits of Ajax in various applications:

  1. It is used to perform a call back or to make a round trip either to or from the server. It is used to retrieve as well as save data and also for posting entire pages to the server. It is used for minimizing the utilization of the network and to ensure faster operations. When there is limited bandwidth the performance of the network is greatly improved.
  2. Ajax allows for asynchronous calls to be made to the web server and it allows for the browser to enable the user to act even before all the data has arrived.
  3. It is user friendly as the post back of the page is eliminated. The applications are faster, more responsive as well as more user friendly too.
  4. It allows for increased usability, performance and speed of web applications. For example, rating of movies on Netflix is possible even without the page being reloaded or refreshed.

Where is Ajax Used?

Ajax can be used almost anywhere on the net. It is used for data validations which are done when save actions are activated, it is done for changing drop down list box values based on other inputs as well as  it is done when sessions need to be retrieved from or saved from the server.  It is used for including hints and it is used for autocomplete text boxes. It is used in several other areas as well.  Here are the most common and popular uses of Ajax.

Form Submission

When the user submits a form especially the login page using Ajax and they give the username and password without having clicked on the submit button automatically it then informs the user if the login has been successful or not. Thus it helps save the users’ time in refreshing the page and clicking by the mouse on submission of the form.

Auto Complete

Google uses Ajax as a suggestion tool and when the user types into Google search bar, it gives common database results based on the keystroke.

Voting as well as rating

On social bookmarking sites, the users can decide the content of the site using voting of the content. This voting is possible through Ajax and the users are thus able to voice their opinions. The same goes for rating of various services, sites or even sellers.

Updating user content

When Ajax is used on social media, the user is made aware of how many other people have posted regarding the same subject and thus the users get updates every few seconds. This is especially popular in Twitter.

Form Validation

When the form does not meet the requirements, Ajax informs them immediately of it such as for strength of password, valid URLs or email addresses too.

Chat rooms as well as Instant Messaging

Chatting as well as instant messaging uses Ajax to update the server that a message has been sent and it also checks from the server if the message has received any updates or not.

Better User Interface

A better, cleaner user interface is possible through Ajax as the user can do more on one page. This makes the web application easier for the user and quicker as well. It also decreases the requests that need to be made to the server and so load times and bandwidth is reduced. This is used in Dropbox and other such places.

External Widgets

Ajax allows for calls to be made to any of the servers and so plugins are possible and how WordPress works as well as Google AdSense.

Light boxes rather than popups

There are a number of popup blockers and so light boxes which can be thought of as pop ups inside the window of the browser are used. These can be used for advertisements or even for registering or for logging in.

Ajax with Flash

Ajax can be used with flash and it yields amazing results. There are badges and awards that can be won upon completing various levels in games and more. This is mostly used in various games.

This is how Ajax is revolutionizing the online world.

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