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Ajax – changing our world

13:02:53 12/05/2016

Everything is getting better through Ajax

The world is getting faster and better. Technology is advancing and ecommerce is rapidly taking over the world. As a result of these electronic systems one is able to transact online. Transactions are not limited to buying or to selling. It is not limited to transferring of funds, it is not limited to supply management but to a whole lot more. There is exchange of data taking place, marketing using the internet, collecting of information, inventory management, transportation of goods as well as services. Infact, thanks to information technology, shops now no longer need a physical presence. There are e-shops, there are no more retailers but e-tailers. There are no more wholesalers but e-wholesalers. Most of the physical stores find that in order to entice their customers, they need an electronic presence as well and therefore, this industry is booming and will grow in leaps and bounds in the future as well.


Reasons for the rapid growth

The popularity of ecommerce is due to the rapid development and advancement of technologies which make ecommerce better, faster, more convenient as well as a better experience for the customers. There are applications which are developed exclusively to aid ecommerce such as Ajax and thanks to the widespread use of technologies such as it, ecommerce has gained mass popularity.


Ajax – what is it

Ajax is asynchronous Javascript and XML. This asynchronous behavior allows the site to send a reverse query to the server. For this query to be sent, the webpage does not need to be refreshed. Therefore, web processing of applications is so much faster.  In this the XmlHttpRequest works behind the scene and is an actual object. Ajax uses JavaScript functions so that methods can be called from webpage requests or webservice and so a response can be evoked. The parsing of the response data is done through DOM and the data is retrieved asynchronously through XmlHttpRequest.

What are the advantages of using AJAX

Due to the application of Ajax, the server and client traffic is reduced.

  • It decreases the response time and thereby the user is benefitted in an increase in speed as well as performance
  • It can be used on JSON which stands for JavaScript Object Notation. This is an alternative to XML. In JSON the key value pair works like an array would.
  • Firefox browsers can use Ajax with an add-on. This add-on is called Firebug. These debug all the Ajax calls.
  • There are JavaScript opensource libraries which can be used like Scriptaculous, prototype, JQuery and more
  • The communication is over HTTP


How are ecommerce applications optimized

When a server call is not needed to be made and when the webpage is dependent on the user’s input, also when there is a different state of information required, Ajax plays a very important part in optimizing all of the above.


Submitting of forms

With a full postback, there are a chances that the user may not remember or lose the context of where they were. The users who have come to the bottom of the page and then they hit Submit may be taken to the top of the page and they will totally lose their trend of thought. However, with Ajax there is no full postback which is done. When the submit button is clicked, the Ajax enabled application allows the users to stay at the same location and so the state of the users is maintained. The user therefore does not need to scroll down to the position they were in before clicking on Submit.

Ajax helps in form submission. Infact, the process is very different to normal submission of forms. When the forms are submitted using Ajax, for example, when the username and password are entered, dynamically, the submit button gets triggered. That is done without having the page to be refreshed. Also, once this is done, it does not stop there. It also informs the user whether he or she has been able to be successfully logged in or not. This helps to save the user’s time in two ways. It saves the time which otherwise refreshing of the page would have taken. It also saves the time on clicking on the mouse button upon submitting the form.

Ajax also helps to increase the amount of matter on the same form as well as to change the drop down list based on inputs of some other field. These are just some of the advantages and uses of Ajax.

Ajax therefore is proving to be extremely powerful in developing of ecommerce applications and for this reason it is gaining popularity the world over.

It is actually thanks to Google Suggest as well as Google Maps that the world has seen the possibilities of Ajax.

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