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Ajax Cart First Steps

15:23:49 12/20/2016

The Ajax cart first needs to be installed. Once that is done the first thing which should follow is that you need to change the administrator password. After the passwords has been changed, along with the demo data, you can even review the admin and customer area to check the working of it.

When you are familiar with the system features, the demo data can be removed and you can then start making different categories and then placing your products in those categories. You can also then start using Brands. The products and categories can be added in two different ways. It can either be added manually or else the import feature can be used. When the page is exported, you will be able to understand the fields of the product CSV files.

Once the products have been added and the categories under which the products have been completed, the configuration of the site has to be done. In order to do so, you much follow the configuration as well as shipping and the payment pages. The methods of shipping need to be put in with the rates next to them. The payment options need to be then set up. Paypal and Strip set company information need to be put in. The states or countries one does business with can be specified there too.

Taxes can be set up based on the destination zones
set your shipping methods and next rates. Configure PayPal and Stripe. Set Company information. You can set up taxes as well shipping according to zones too,


Post completion of this, the sitemap as well as the keywords need to be configured so that the keywords display only some of the products on some of the search pages in Google.

The first news can be added like an introductory post informing that you are open for business.

The blog needs to be updated and unique articles need to be posted weekly as that helps with Search Engine Optimization and it also gets people more interested in your site and the activities being conducted.

Testimonials are a great source of advertisement and people are more inclined to buy when they see testimonials from real people rather than some actor singing the praises of the site. You can even start by getting testimonials from friends.

If you are a wholesaler or if you want to reward the loyalty of some members, you can offer premium prices based on certain criteria. Membership plans can be configured.

Another method about going about this is to offer discount coupons to subscribers in newsletters or offer popups which state x% off on your first order or even x% off for the first y customers.

With all this in place, you are ready to launch the site as well as collect orders. Google Analytics as well as Google Webmaster can be set up. The sitemap also then needs to be submitted to search engines.

What is an import point is that the sitemap needs to be updated once the catalog has been modified.

The dashboard is comprehensive and gives details of the of the day’s orders, the amount value and the amount paid for the day. There are statistics for the week, month, year and general statistics as well. Using the dashboard, the website is aware of the best sellers and the most viewed products.

In the Orders and Discounts, the customer name, date and time along with the total and the status is mentioned. The status can be Declined, Failed, Queued, Processed or Completed. Using the Orders Tab you can search for orders and for discount coupons as well.

Users tab consists of browsing all the users there are, users can be created and various kinds of membership levels can be added.

The catalog tab helps to browse, add, edit, delete of products, categories, brands, as well as it helps in easy importing and exporting of the catalog.

Users only go to sites where they see value addition and so there is a content tab where news, newsletters, blogs, testimonials as well as the homepage and static papers can be added, edited and deleted.

The Configuration settings allow you to close the shop temporarily, to allow access to closed customers, it allows adding of different currency symbols and weights, recaptcha key and entering the secret key.

There are default options for customers such as the country, zip code, state and city.

Using this the maximum limits can be stored for an order or for subtotals or even quantity of products if need be.

Since SEO is huge for any commercial establishment, one can search for keywords or even the sitemap.

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